miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Tin Pail Table Numbers

Beach themes are a fun and casual way to celebrate your wedding. There are plenty of decorations that can be made to show your personality and match your décor style. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating five DIY beach themed wedding decorations on a budget.

1. Beachscape Terrarium

For this DIY wedding decoration you will need shells, sand, small pieces of driftwood or stones, and other small beach themed items. You will also need a glass bowl, jar, dish, or candle holder. Fill the dish with the sand to assemble, and add the other beach themed items randomly in the sand. You can also write the bride and grooms initials in the sand as well once it is placed on the table.

2. Shell Candle Centerpieces

Another fun and easy handmade wedding project is shell candles. For this you will need deep shells, wax, and wicks. Simply add the wicks to the inside of the shells and pour melted wax into the candles to create this unique decoration. You will also need a plate, dish, or bowl filled with pebbles, shell pieces, or sand to display your candles in. This wonderful beach themed decoration will amaze your guests.

3. Tin Pail Table Numbers

A whimsical and fun beach themed tin pail place marker is inexpensive to make and simple. You will need mini tin pails and number stickers or paint pens. You can also use sand, pebbles, shells, or candles to fill the pales and use them as favors or centerpieces as well as table numbers. Simply attach the stickers to the pails or handwrite the number on the front of them. You can also add ribbon or little flowers to the handles or brim of the pales for a more DIY touch.

4. Messages in a Bottle Guestbook

This guestbook idea is perfect for a beach themed wedding and will add a magic touch that will be unforgettable. For this decoration you will need a large glass jug or bottle, several pieces of paper, tea bags, twine, scissors, water, and a pen. Start by brewing a few teabags and letting the water cool.

Then rip the paper into smaller note size pieces. Dip them in the tea to age the paper and make it look weathered. Then cut the twine into pieces about six inches long. When the paper is dry, roll it up into a scroll shape and tie with the twine. Remember to tie it into a bow so your guests can open it and write you a note on your big day!

5. Shell Garland

Another budget-friendly idea for your beach wedding is a shell garland. This can be made easily using cord, ribbon, or twine, jewel glue, and shells. Simply cut the garland the appropriate length and use the jewel glue to attach the shells along the length of it. You can also add bows or streamers to the garland from the cord or ribbon used for the length of it.

Making beach themed wedding decorations is an inexpensive way to add your own personal touch to your big day. These ideas are fun for beginners and advanced crafters, and they will help you add style to your wedding while saving money!